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Treatment Services

Initial Evaluation 

One hour one-on-one examination and evaluation with Doctor of Physical Therapy, including musculoskeletal and movement assessments as well as initial treatment.


Follow Up Session

One Hour Session $150

Half Hour Session $90

Visit Packages:

4 Visit Package $560

($10/visit discount)

8 Visit Package $1080

($15/visit discount)

Recovery Session

Feeling a beat up and sore after a hard workout? Feeling stiff after a long week at work? Schedule a recovery session. 

Recovery sessions can include dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization or manipulation, or stretching.

Half Hour Session: $90

One Hour Session: $150

Wellness Session

If you do not have an injury, but would like to address strength, mobility, or lifting mechanics to improve your performance, schedule a wellness session. Please note that wellness sessions will not include hands on treatment such as soft tissue mobilization or dry needling. 

One Hour Session: $150

Half Hour Session: $90

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